Interiors Blogger Catherine Ashton on discovering her passion and tips for creating a cosy home this Winter
Becoming interested in Interior design all started for me only a few years ago when I bought a blanket box which could be painted in a colour of my choosing. As I was searching for paint colours online, I was mesmerised at how beautiful and varied interior design can be.  I began dreaming of making my home something other than white walls, bland furniture and basically…just a little boring. 
Now for the hard part. Working out which style to go for? It was when I came across a dark painted room by interior blogger Abigail Ahern that I knew immediately that’s what I wanted. Over the years I have built up my confidence and gone completely dark in every room. One piece of advice is whatever paint colour you choose, always paint everything out the same hue, you will not regret it. 
I love this time of year when the season changes to Autumn, all the leaves start falling and colours start changing. My home is definitely an autumn/winter home.  It’s the burnt oranges, browns, red and pink tones I like to use in my soft furnishing as well as different textures and lighting, always overdose on lighting.

Daphne Cocktail Chair

What makes my home cosy for Winter is the use of dark colours and luxury soft fabrics like my Daphne Cocktail chair I got from Honora in a rich dark green luxurious velvet. If you don’t have the confidence to paint your walls dark just yet, then using dark colours in your furnishings works really well. I have the chair in my guest bedroom which works so well with the mahogany painted walls. Style it with a soft wool rug, a lamp, side table and you’re all set for a cosy night in on a cold winters’ night. 
One very important thing I have learned that takes any space to the next level is to supersize things. A supersized chandelier can completely change the feel of a space. The large Olivia mirror I chose from Honora has a beautiful shape with an antique bronze frame. I love the chunkiness of the frame which adds a cool element. Mirrors are great for brightening a space, they’re intriguing and so beautiful. I don’t have any rooms without at least one. 

Another important aspect of making a home cosy is the use of lighting. I always have at least 8 lights in a room. When you dot them around, magic happens. It’s one of the most transformative things you can do. Floor lamps, table lamps, and always try to put your pendants on dimmers.
I absolutely love overdosing on textures. It’s not like colour and pattern where you need to be a little more restrained. In the guest bedroom I have the mirror with a wooden floor, linen bedding with a sheepskin rug, flowers and plants all of which are exciting to the eye. In my living room there’s tons of texture butting up against each other. The velvet sofa with a leather cushion, woolly cushions, glass lamps and beaded chandelier. And of course, all my artwork, try putting gallery walls together of art you love. They don’t have to go together either, a mishmash of styles is much more exciting. 

Catherine Ashton is a London-based interior blogger, lover of inky hues and cool interiors.


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