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Mildred Medium Planter, Eggshell
Mildred Small Planter, Eggshell
Mildred Medium Planter, Vintage Bird
Elephant Pot Risers, Set of 3Elephant Pot Risers, Set of 3
Mildred Small Planter, Floral Grey
Mildred Large Planter, Eggshell
Monocle Vase, Ceramic White / Silver
Mildred Large Planter, Vintage Birds
Mildred Medium Planter, Floral Grey
Palm Large Standing Planter, Bronze Metal
Halle Metal Planter, Black / Silver
Peggy Planter, Black / White
Mildred Large Planter, Floral Grey
Percy Planter, Black / White
Rochelle Metal Planter, Silver / Green
Orla Planter, Dark Silver Aluminium
Lottie Small Marble Planter, White / Gold
Lottie Large Marble Planter, White / Gold
Lottie Small Marble Planter, Cream / Gold
Lottie Large Marble Planter, Cream / Gold
Amal Planter, Grey / Rattan

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