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Mildred Small Planter, Eggshell
Elephant Pot Risers, Set of 3Elephant Pot Risers, Set of 3
Mildred Large Planter, Eggshell
Mildred Small Planter, Floral Grey
Purdy Small Planter, Ceramic
Mildred Medium Planter, Eggshell
Palm Large Standing Planter, Bronze Metal
Mildred Medium Planter, Vintage Bird
Mildred Medium Planter, Floral Grey
Cara Planter, Grey Speckled
Rochelle Metal Planter, Silver / Green
Orla Planter, Dark Silver Aluminium
Mildred Large Planter, Vintage Birds
Halle Metal Planter, Black / Silver
Chrissie Blush Planter, Ceramic / Wood
Peggy Planter, Black / White
Lottie Small Marble Planter, White / Gold
Lottie Large Marble Planter, White / Gold
Lottie Small Marble Planter, Cream / Gold
Lottie Large Marble Planter, Cream / Gold
Mildred Large Planter, Floral Grey
Amal Planter, Grey / Rattan

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