Hello, we’re Honora. We curate the curious.
It all started a few years back, when our insatiable love for interiors turned into a mission to breathe life into living rooms in unexpected new ways. We haven’t looked back since. Our approach is unapologetically simple. We travel around the globe to source unusual pieces of luxury furniture then make it an absolute breeze to buy them in just a few quick clicks.

While we’re not big on rules, we only ever sell products we’ve got up close and personal with ourselves. Products we’d be proud to have in our own homes.
It's common sense really.

We believe Dorothy was right when she said there was no place like home. After all, for most of us it’s where we feel safest and enjoy the greatest sense of belonging. It only makes sense to fill it with beautifully crafted pieces of furniture from around the world.
Pieces that will guarantee you’re always happy to be home.